Wee Care Key West


Wee Care Learning Academy is proud to be the only childcare center in Key West offering webcams. This is a live-stream video available to our families for viewing from home, mobile device, or anywhere that internet is available. You can access the cameras in your child's classroom, playground, and courtyard area. This secure system allows you to watch your child learn, play and interact with other children and teachers in the center. Upon enrollment, you will be given a password that will allow you to log on during school hours and watch what your child is doing.

At Wee Care… well, we care and we understand that when your child is not in your care you wonder if they are ok. Are the teachers treating them with love and affection? Are they participating in class activities? Are they getting along with their classmates? Do they act the same at school as they do at home? We know that you have so many questions, that is why we are pleased that we can provide this tool for our families. The Wee Care Web Cams will answer those questions… 100% peace of mind.

We understand the feeling of guilt due to leaving your child for so many hours a day in someone else's care. Separation anxiety is sometimes harder on the parents than it is on the child. Having the ability to log on to the Wee Care Web Cam every now and then to see your child can give you a sense of connection. It is as close as you can get to being with them without being there. The same goes for other family members like a deployed parent or grandparents. As a parent/guardian you will have the option to responsibly give your password to close family members to be able to watch your child as well. Grandma can be thousands of miles away and be able to watch her grandchild learn and play with their classmates.

Our camera system is secure. Usernames and passwords are automatically voided as soon as the child is no longer enrolled at our facility.