Wee Care Key West



Wee Care Learning Academy is comprised of two classrooms: The Coconut Class and The Key Lime Class. Our programs for both classes are very similar but modified toward each age group's developmental needs. We introduce a wide array of subjects and activities to all of our students and believe that even basic knowledge of a subject can form a foundation to build on later in life. Our "Coconuts" focus a lot of their time on basic life skills such as toilet training and dressing. Great focus is given to verbal communication skills and cause and effect. Our Key Lime Kids have grasped many of the basic concepts of each subject and put them to the test trough experimentation. We provide as much hands-on activity as we can for both classrooms as we believe that children learn through doing.

Wee Care Learning Academy includes teacher-directed activities as well as child-initiated activities. Our curriculum is designed to support and enrich each child's development physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. Wee Care uses The Creative Curriculum as a guide for planning the curriculum in both classrooms. The Creative Curriculum for Preschool is an award-winning curriculum for preschool age children used all over the United States. Using exploration and discovery as a way of learning, The Creative Curriculum for Preschool enables children to develop confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical thinking skills. The Creative Curriculum for Preschool is based on 38 objectives for development and learning, which are fully aligned with the standards for the State of Florida. The curriculum addresses all the important areas of learning, from social-emotional and math to technology and the arts, and incorporates them throughout every part of every day. It offers daily, built-in opportunities for observation, helping teachers and administrators clearly see the strong relationship between curriculum and assessment.

Each classroom has weekly lesson plans, posted in the classroom. These plans contain a number of activities, designed to foster each child’s development, and the development of the group as a whole.  Parents are encouraged to follow along so that they know what their child is learning.

Each classroom is set-up in centers, which include blocks, dramatic play, books, gross motor, fine motor, and art. Outdoor play is important to a child’s physical development and is included in both the morning and afternoon schedule. Self- selection or “free-play” is a daily part of the curriculum and means a child has the opportunity to choose which center or activity he/she participates in. This promotes creative expression and development of important social skills.

The Teacher and Assistant Teacher(s) work cooperatively to create a daily schedule and plan activities that meet each child’s developmental abilities and needs. The daily schedule and activities create a balance between active and quiet times; large and small group, and individual activities; small and large muscle activities; indoor and outdoor play times; as well as times for self-selection and teacher-directed activities.

The use of themes is a practical and logical way to set up a lesson plan. The themes are based upon what the children know and see every day, as well as the children’s interests. Teachers from both classrooms discuss with each other their themes and coordinate the sharing of materials and activities.

Wee Care Learning Academy incorporates the following activities and subjects into our program:

Group Time / Circle Time
Social Studies
Life Skills
Culinary Class
Communication skills/ Manners
Fine motor skills
Large motor skills
And More!